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I believe I heard:

"she’ll never marry you."

"and neither will you."

which makes Loras an idiot.

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Saint Rose of Lima by José del Pozo, c. 1820 (detail)

"ugh… over it"

Saint Rose of Lima by José del Pozo, c. 1820 (detail)

"ugh… over it"

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Dogs reacting to magic tricks the same way people do: adorably.

can i become a dog magician and get paid for this or would i only get paid in joy?

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aah, the principessa

aah, the principessa

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“To the people clinging to the notion that female-led pictures are a niche genre, people see them! They make money! The world is round, people!”  - Cate Blanchett

the worldis round?

this is the whitest gifset i have ever seen. it is by no means the world.

nothing accomplished.

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Hannibal. Without people.

This is an incredible video, it captures the beautiful cinematography of Hannibal. It’s relaxing and distubing at the same time. If you are a fannibal you should definetely watch it.

Note: There are still some disturbing images, including blood and gore. Just no actual people. It’s also really, really beautifully put together, and the end is perfect.

wait did i fail to reblog this?? oh well, if i didn’t, who cares: it’s amazing, and you should probably just watch it again.

, so we’re fannibals now? yo no se about that..

better fannibals than cannibals. though there are a lot of animals in this, maybe we’re just fanimals?

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